How to Use the Toolkit

The Telecom Regulation Toolkit is a dynamic web-based tool, divided into several modules which are being developed over the 2005-2006 period.  The Toolkit is an update and expansion of infoDev’s popular and influential Telecom Regulation Handbook. Building upon its predecessor’s success, the Toolkit is an internet-based tool, which will periodically be updated to provide regulators, telecom service providers, policy makers, sector experts and the general public with the latest on regulatory topics, best practices, and case studies.

The Toolkit is comprised of several modules on different topics.  Although organized into separate modules, users are also able to navigate between modules via embedded links.

The following is an overview of each of the main types of components of each module, their relationships and how to navigate between the various components.

  • Toolkit Homepage The Homepage provides a general overview of the Toolkit. Although users are able to navigate within and between modules via embedded links, the Homepage includes direct links to each of the modules as well as brief summaries of the contents of each module.
  • Module Overview Each module includes a brief overview which includes links that allow users to access more detailed information on the linked topic or issue. In addition, the overview contains direct links to related sections of the overview section and sections of other modules.
  • Specific Topics and Issues Pages Web Pages on specific Topics and Issues are accessed via links in the Module Overview.
  • Practice Notes Practice Notes provide summaries, background information and practical advice on matters discussed in the Module Overview and in the various Topics and Issues Pages. Practice Notes frequently provide an introduction to Reference Documents (described below). For example, a user may select a link relating to a specific telecommunications licence to be issued in Switzerland, at which point the user may be guided to a Practice Note that describes the licensing process and gives background information on the process. The Practice Note is then linked to the actual tender documents for the Licence as issued by the Swiss regulator. These tender documents are included as Reference Documents.
  • Reference Documents Reference Documents include documents and other data which are representative of actual practices and precedents on telecommunications authorization issues. Most Reference Documents included in the Toolkit are licences, notices, tender documents and other regulatory documents or related materials actually issued by regulatory authorities. InfoDev and the authors believe they have included only reference